Visit the Captivating Hamanako Lake to Enjoy the Boundless Beauty

The hamanako is the most charismatic lake, present at Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. Basically it was a lake containing fresh water, which was separated from ocean. In 1489, due to earthquake the lake was again allied with ocean and its water became salty in taste. Kanzanji-Onsen is awe-inspiring hot spring resort at the Eastern shoreline. It has becomes the center of attraction for the tourists. The resort is covered with water from three sides with splendid natural beauty. After 1950, the hot spring Kanzanji-Onsen was drilled out to develop full of joy area for visitors.  The hamanako lake is surrounded by beautiful sceneries which are unforgettable and compel the visitors to come again for enjoying the best moments.

I am a great traveler and have visited different countries. Truly speaking, hamanako Lake has something supernatural which magnetize the tourists zealous. The lake is opened for all the four seasons. A small beautiful town full of luxuries, courteous people, boundless greenery and the day light vision of lake can mesmerize anyone within a few minutes. If you have planned honeymoon, it is the most quixotic and cherished place to visit. Start the blissful moments of life with your partner at Hamanako. If you have decided to have fun in summer vacation with kids, hamanako Lake can lure the kids. They will surely get a thrilling experience at Lake and surrounding area. The striking playland area near the lake is Amusement park with hundreds of rides. Roller coaster, Ferris wheel, mini coaster, water slides, merry go rounds are some of the well suited rides for kids. An indoor play area is designed for toddlers where you can make fun in carefree way. Bring your family and spend a whole day by taking rides with kids such as Sushi, Hide and seek with bake and visiting a haunted house with monsters.

It is a place which becomes the bed of stars at night. Excessive use of colorful lights makes the scene worthy to view. The government of Japan has given considerable attention to this divine area. When I visited the hamanako, I was feeling blessed and amazed at the same moment. I was feeling as if the lake had some connection with heaven and surprised to view such an attractive lagoon on earth. There is one more beautiful and soul satisfying option for worldwide tourist. Enjoy the boating in the mighty lake at night. The area is covered with lights which can make the ambiance enchanted.

There are first rated hotels near the hamanako lake so the visitors can’t face difficulty in selecting the resorts. If you are vigorous and want to safe your money, I will suggest you to bring popup tents for staying and sleeping purpose. It is important to know that Onsen town does not provide different types of baths. You have to visit the hotels in the town for baths. By paying a small fee, day trip visitors can get access to hotels’ bath area. The indoor, outdoor and rooftop pools are offered for customers to select from. You can find a meal at reasonable rates near the hamanako Lake.