Beautiful Hamanako Lake Captivates the Tourists

The hamanako Lake is basically a salty lake which has a beautiful but convoluted shore line. The lake is located on the boarder of Aichi, western area of Shizuoka. It was sweet water lake but the ghastly earthquake destroyed the sandbank and the lake got a link with Enshu Sea. In 16th century, the mouth of lake became wider due to tsunami. As a result, the sea water mixed and Hamana-ko Lake turned salty.

The world famous hot spring Kanzangi-Onsen is situated on the eastern shore of lake. It is a resort which has three sides water with natural beauty. It is included in one of the best hotel in Japan. The lake is main point which leads to many adventurous places. The forest is near; the great never ending hamanako Lake can make the visitors crazy.  The ripples on water show the movement of air and the peaceful atmosphere enthrall the sightseers. In summer season the flowers, unique plants and forest becomes the heart of attraction.

The tour boat facility is offered for the lovers of hamanako Lake. You can enjoy the awesome scenery as well as dazzling experience of boating. The cabin car option is offered to get mid air view of lake and the surrounded appealing area. The cruise facility can be engaged up to an hour. There are splendid flower beds with pine forest and deep streams. If you are flower lovers, it is good for you that the popular location has four seasoned flowers. There are a lot of leisure facilities which make this adventurous area more attractive. The total package for visiting hamanako is easy on the pocket. You can make a plan with friends and family for fortnight stay near thrilling lake.

There are amusement parks, hotels, resorts, and shopping area. The Ferris wheel which is sixty meter long is filled with lights and gives a fantastic show for the kids as well as adults. The fire work at this place is also awesome. The Hamanako Lake becomes full of colors and the sky shines with fire work which is splendid and mind blowing image. Take some of memorable snaps of your family at such moments and upload on social sites to get appreciation comments.

One more important issue for visitors is the use of tents or hiring a room in a hotel. I would like to share my experience here. There are many top quality hotels which offer different types of bath facilities to customers. You can enjoy outdoor roof top pools which are striking in shape and adorable as well. Moreover, the relaxation services in garden area as well as indoor bath are available for 2 to 3 hours to walking customers. You can use train, bus or car service to reach at this fun making Hamanako Lake.