Experience the Calm and Tranquility of Lake Hamanako

Situated at the western side of Shizuoka bordering with Aichi, Lake Hamanako was initially a fresh water lake however a natural calamity in form of an earthquake that shook the lake in 1498, linked the lake to the Enshu Sea cutting off the sandbank. The water of the lake however turned salty owing to another tsunami that further opened the mouth of the lake in the 16th century. Today Lake Hamanako is defined by an obscure shoreline of the mesmerizing salt lake.

Although visitors better experience the lake through the hot springs of Kanzanji-onsen which is a spring resort situated on the eastern shore of the lake. What I enjoyed most was the city’s flower park which displays more than 3,000 different species of flowers. Also the patterned flower beds that are found in different varieties throughout the year enhance the color and beauty of the vivacious plant life species present near the lake.

Not only is Lake Hamanako a heaven for nature lovers, the theme park that is situated near the lake, offers many attractions for adventure lovers. However, if you visit the lake to relax and enjoy nature to its extreme, the attraction that lured me into visiting the location again and again were the refreshing and relaxing baths that are offered viewing the lake and a tour down the lake that surrounds the resort from three corners.

The best thing that makes Lake Hamanako worth visiting is the wide variety of options that are offered to visitors allowing perfect harmonizing of leisure facilities and natural attractions of the destination. May it be the seasonal flower beds, the adventure filled theme park, the boat tour that allows relishing of the lake’s natural beauty or the midair view of god’s beautiful creation, the Lake Hamanako through the Kanzan-ji cable car.

The cable car service that travels through the amusement park’s inlet to the Okusayama mountain summit offers a unique and comprehensive view of nature’s most artistic creation, Lake Hamanako.

Enjoying the offerings of the Hamanako Lake is not only an option for tourists residing in the resort; rather I enjoyed a fantastic refreshing herbal bath facing the lake view on my day trip to the Kanzanji Onsen valley.

For those who are willing to spend some of their memorable days near the Lake Hamanako, there are several options of hotels that offer a 360 degree view of the lake which is exceptionally appealing for those who fear the thought of boating on the calm and silent waters of the lake. Even though I prefer to feel the calm waters and its soothing feel floating over it however experiencing it from your hotel room is also a sight and feel to cherish.

Also those who want to polish their souls can visit the ancient temples of the Kanzanji Onsen that were formed by the early monks of the area. The expansive grounds and personal feel of the temple provide a chance to find inner peace which is a possible task in the god gifted destination of Hamanako.