Spring Festival 2016

During the period from April 16 until June 12 at Lake Hamana Garden Park, it will be held a variety of events in which the spring and flowers with the theme.From cultural events to enjoy, such as the garden party and concert to experience events such as craft classes and yoga are available, it has become a content to enjoy the whole family!?Of course, Lake Hamana Garden Park of flowers is also attention!?April nemophila from the beginning, from late April Fuji, from mid-May will celebrate the best time to see roses each.?During the event period by all means, please go out to the Lake Hamana Garden Park ♪

Event content

♪ which will introduce some of the fascinating events

Garden party for the flower of the museum – Fuji ~

Wisteria April from late around in the “pond of water lily” of “Hanami of garden” will be in full bloom.?Such as the wind and the light and the collaboration was directing and music, it looks better and more beautiful wisteria.

Landscaping production every day during the period, a concert will be held on April 29 and 30 days.

Hanami of garden cafe

Saturday and Sunday limitation of June 12 from May 14 days rose greet the bloom, cafe opens in the garden of Hanami!?Like among the beautiful scenery, such as if they were entered in the painting, relax with your friends ♪

Exciting craft 2DAYS

On May 7th and 8th will be held “exciting Furafuto 2DAYS”.?Exhibitions and sales of a variety of craft artists, craft corner of experience, is the exciting two-day lined with a large number of booths, such as play square of woodworking work.?
Time is 16 o’clock 10.?It will be held at the central lawn.

During the period, a lot of other also of events will be held.?For more information, visit the HP of the flyer and the Lake Hamana Garden Park.

Flyer of the “Spring Festival 2016”

Hamana Garden Park HP Event Guide

Hamana Garden Park HP this week cherry blossoms around check


2016 April 16 (Saturday) to June 12 (Sunday)?
8:30 to 17:00


Lake Hamana Garden Park?
Hamamatsu Nishi-ku Murakushi cho 5475-1<map display>

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Hamana Garden Park
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