Fly! Koinobori!

The period of May 5 days from May 3, in Lake Hamana paragliding school in town Mikkabi, praying for the healthy growth of children skip to the sky to “carp” in paragliding!

Landscape that 20 to 30 animals, “carp” is fly around the sky is the best part! During the period by all means, please go out to Lake Hamana Paragliding school!

State of the past held at the time


2016 May 3 (Tuesday) – 2016 May 5 (Thursday) 
15: 00 ~ 17: 00 
※ In the case of rain, strong wind (Please contact us by flight of whether the telephone) discontinued

Flight location

Hamamatsu City, Kita-ku, Mikkabi Otani

Admission fee

Candy gift to free your child

Contact Us

Lake Hamana paraglider school 
Yubinbango431-1407 Hamamatsu Kita-ku, Mikkabi Otani 93-1 <map display>
TEL 053-526-0015 
FAX 050-3604-5929 
E-Mail Infoattojpmsports.Com business hours 9:00 to 17:00 Closed Thursday (holiday sales) Homepage

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