Seminar “Naotora and Inasa Culture”

In 2016 April 30 to Inasa multi-purpose training center, lecture AzusaSawa required Mr. era novel writer is the author of “That Jiro Hoshi what a woman” will be held. AzusaSawa said, Shizuoka Prefecture, was born in 1953.?Magazine editor, through a freelance writer, in 1993, won the 18th Historical Literature Award in the “Kimusume” writer debut.There is a book, such as “Ashura”, “what is discarded Kuya,” “Ball countries of light”, there are also many era novel that centered on women.?To enjoy deeply the drama “Onna castle Naotora,” starting from January next year, please join us in this lecture.

Also on the same day, was held “Naotora sum color Sato Festival”, Mitsuo Kumagai’s Print Exhibition, will be made, such as the sale of Naotora goods and local products.?Special planning to taste the “Naotora” dream “Gozen” are also scheduled (first arrival 35 people).?Come, Saturday April 30, please go out to Inasa ♪

Flyer of the lecture “culture is fostered Jiro minstrel Naotora of Inasa”


Date and time

2016 April 30 (Saturday) 13:20 to 14:30 (12:30 start accepting)


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Entry fee

1,000 yen

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April 8 (Friday) than sales start, first arrival 400 people counter sales / telephone booking: 9: 00-14: 30 TEL: 053-542-0250

Held on the same day~ Naotora sum color of the village festival –

Perform, such as “Mitsuo Kumagai” Print Exhibition held-Naotora goods and of local products for sale!


9:30 to 15:30 (planned)

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