Firefly viewing guide tour

Barrier is a free mini tour of about 45 minutes to guide you while commentary local guide in the garden of!?
The first half of the season, “Genji firefly”, the second half you can enjoy “Heike firefly”.?
Since Friday, Saturday and Sunday will very crowded, If you would like to quietly watch is,?
we recommend the weekday of your reservation.


1) Do not touch the firefly
2) walking tobacco strictly prohibited
3) shooting ban on flash photography and portable
4) participation not those who put out the drunk of direction and loud
5) footwears that emits light are prohibited
6) Children guardian together always and action towards the

event date

2015 May 25 (Wednesday) – 2016 July 10 (Sunday)

Event Start Time

20:15 to 21:00 (from the reception 19:30)

Entry fee

Adults 800 yen (tax included), elementary and junior high school students 400 yen (tax included)

Parking fee

300 yen (tax included)


Hamamatsu Flower Park?<map display>
※ set the Lake Hamana gate (Zoo side)


You always need reservation to participate in the tour!?
Kanzanji Onsen Guests can sign up to the accommodation?
the direction of day Kanzanji hot spring tourism association to (053-487-0152)


Lake Hamana Hanshan Temple Hot Springs Tourism Association