Hamamatsu Festival

Will also be held, “Hamamatsu Festival” this year!
During the period “kite battle” in addition to “palace stalls routing”
in Hamamatsu city center as a “crowded event”,
it will be held a variety of events in multiple venues.
From citizens to tourists, anyone can enjoy the event
will further boost the “Hamamatsu Festival”.

Hamamatsu festival official HP

Date and time

May 3, 2016 (Tuesday) – May 5, 2016 (Thursday)


Nakatajima kite flying venue?<map display>
Hamamatsu city center

Sponsored inquiry

Hamamatsu Festival Navi
TEL: 0570-064-736?
TEL: 053-453-1234 (phone number of the only in the Hamamatsu festival held period)

Hamamatsu Festival Organizing Committee TEL: 053-458-0011
Hamamatsu Tourist Information Center TEL: 053-452-1634