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Five Fun Things To Do At Lake Hamanako, Japan


Lake Hamanako in Japan’s Shizuoka Prefecture is such a beautiful and peaceful place to be. This most scenic attraction in the city of Hamamatsu is perfect for family holidays, a newlyweds’ honeymoon trip or just a spontaneous getaway for anyone. No matter what is your reason for going there, it would surely be a fruitful visit for you. Besides appreciating the natural beauty of its surroundings, you could always spend time indulging in the activities offered there.


Here are five things that you can do the next time you find yourself there:


  1. As one of the large lakes in Japan, it would be thrilling experience to go cycling around Lake Hamanako. The Lake Hamana Cycling Road is a popular cycling trail as it provides a full circle around the lake. Not only will it be good exercise for you, it allows you to experience a scenic ride like none other. There are bicycles available for rent.
  2. For avid anglers, the saltwater lake is one of the desired spots for fishing. The lake is rich with more than 300 types of fish. It is also filled with crabs and prawns if you like them. The lake is also known for the cultivation of oysters and freshwater eel, a favorite dish among the locals and tourists. If fishing is not your thing, then eating the delicious seafood would be the next best thing to do! Take your pick from the wide variety of fresh seafood sold there.
  3. Sometimes, the most fulfilling activity could just be a simple walk in the park. There is always something refreshing about getting close to nature. You can do so by going to the Hamanako Garden Park, a city park where you get to drink in the greenery and many flowers that add to the cheeriness of the area. If you like a watery kind of scenery, get your nature loving done on a sightseeing cruiser. There are 30-minute and 60-minute cruiser trips available.
  4. What is a lake for if there are no water sports for the fun-loving and adventurous folks? In the summertime especially, tourists from all over the world head to the lake its variety of water activities. You can swim, kayak, sail, windsurf and water ski on the lake.
  5. Another attraction near the lake would be the numerous hot springs around the area. If you are looking for a relaxing holiday here, the hot springs would no doubt be good for you as you allow yourself to be rid of worries and to just soak in all its tranquility. The four popular hot springs here are in Kanzanji, Bentenjima, Yuto and Mikkabi. It is said that the hot springs are able to heal neuralgia and muscular pain.


Now that you are familiar with things that you can do at or near the picturesque Lake Hamanako, it is high time to make the necessary preparations for your trip there. With its richness in history, culture and great food, it will certainly be a great place to be. Remember to bring your cameras as well for the famous sunset and sunrise views at the lake!

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