Hamanako Oyster

The Health Benefits of Eating Oysters

Whenever you find yourself at Lake Hamanako in Japan, don’t forget to try eating its oysters. The lake, which has over 700 kinds of fish and shellfish, is kind of famous for its oysters that are abundantly found within the area. Though the freshwater eel is popular with the locals and tourists, oysters are no doubt gaining popularity as well, thanks to its fresh taste and benefits to our health.


Before we go on about the health benefits of oysters, let’s get to know a bit about Lake Hamanako. The lake, frequently thronged by tourists for its sunrise and sunset views, is one of the largest lakes in Japan. It is the tenth largest lake in the country, in fact. It is located at the Pacific Coast of western Shizuoka Prefecture. It had been a fresh water lake a few centuries ago but due to uncontrolled natural phenomenon, it is now a salt lake.


In the Shizuoka Prefecture, oysters found in gourmet cuisine mainly come from this lake. You can eat them oysters however you prefer, from raw to baked to fried. You will find that this remarkable shellfish dish is tasty and yet healthy at the same time. Of course, it might be widely known that oysters are an aphrodisiac. Oysters and love aside, do know that oysters help to boost one’s immunity system. They contain zinc, which is useful in preventing a person from catching a cold.


Are you feeling tired lately? Eat more oysters for that extra bit of energy! Put down that energy drink and try eating oysters which are incredibly rich in iron. The iron will enable more oxygen to be transported around your body’s system and subsequently make you feel more pumped up for a hard day’s work. If you are trying to shed off the extra pounds, these oysters that are low in calories will give you a full feeling after eating, thus enabling you to decrease your food intake.


What oatmeal and oysters have in common is that both are good for your heart. If you feel like taking a break from your usual oatmeal breakfast, add on some oysters onto your plate. They are low in fat but high in Omega-3. According to online sources, health institutes have suggested for oysters to be included in low-cholesterol meals. Oysters are known to contain 62mg of cholesterol.


Now that you are more aware of the health benefits of oysters, be sure to look out for it the next time you visit the peaceful place of Lake Hamanako. Oysters are such a great catch there that there would be festivals held just to celebrate eating this particular shellfish. You are free to take your pick on how you want your oysters to be served. It would certainly be a gastronomic experience to remember.