Cycling Hamanako

Enjoy The Scenic View While You Cruise Along On Lake Hamana-ko

In the Western part of Shizuoka region which is on the border with Aichi resides the Lake Hamana-ko. It is the tenth largest lake in Japan. The Hamana-ko boosts proudly of having the largest circumference amongst the entire brackish lakes you will find in Japan. Earlier the lake was used for economical purposes as it was the prime commercial source of the Japanese eel, oysters, soft-shelled turtles (Chinese) and nori. But now, the lake has been developed into a state-of-the-art resort where tourists from all across the world come over to relax and enjoy the awe-inspiring views.

The entire surrounding of Lake Hamana-ko is quite scenic and breath-taking. You will see seasonal nature everywhere around you. Be it an observation of the Hamana-ko Lake from the top of observation tower or you’re taking a glimpse from the ground, or you’re cruising along on the lake itself, you will get a wonderful sight from all the different places. You will discover a feeling that is filled with excitement and contentment. So it’s high time now that you take a break from all the stress that has been residing within you and head over to this place of great splendors and indulge yourself.

There is a cruise that runs around the lake. The cruise takes two different courses. There is a 30 minute course and a 60 minutes one. This is also a very convenient way to travel all the way to the Kanzanji Hot springs from the Hamana Lake while enjoying the beauty of the lake.

The cruise is one of the most popular attractions of the sight. Because of its popularity, various event cruises are planned and held up seasonally. The various event cruises that have taken place by far include; a cruise for the Annular Solar Eclipse Observation, Sunset Cruise, Bird-watching Cruise and a cruise for the very First Sunrise of the Year.

For enjoying the charms, beauty, scenery and view of the Lake Hamana-ko, various cruises are planned from time to time and season to season. There are a number of places from where you can get information regarding these seasonal cruises and if you’re lucky enough, you probably might grab yourself a deal.

Other than just cruising along on the lake, you can take your bicycle along with you if you love to ride one. There is a paved road around the Lake Hamana-ko where you can ride your bicycle, and if you wish to take your ride along with you on the cruise, that facility is also available for you. You will be charged a meager sum of 350 yen. And if you do not have a bicycle and still want to ride one, you can always rent it at the Seto Port.

So what are you waiting for, get ready to hit the waters this summer and indulge yourself in a feeling that is most refreshing and energizing and a time that is far more than luxurious.