Shibukawa azalea festival

Shibukawa azalea, stature 4 reached ~ 6m, vivid magenta flowers is a feature to flowering by three-wheeled.?Covered in geology called serpentine (Jamongan), seen in the neighborhood, this Shibukawa only, is the illusion of flowers.?Azalea of ??such visions, the Shibukawa azalea park grows wild about 4000 is, community has been designated a “Shizuoka Prefecture designated natural monument”.

On May 22 (Sunday), so also come to play career daimyo Ieyasu-kun, please come with your family by all means!

Shibukawa azalea festival flyer


2016 May 14 (Sat) – 2016 May 29 (Sunday) 10: 00-16: 00 ※ last day 15:00


Shibukawa Tsutsuji park around<map>

Entry fee

Because you will need by various events, please refer to the brochure or their website for more information

☆ some experience in Tsutsujipasu bring will be free ☆


Located in the peripheral site (some fee required)


Back Hamana Tourism Association Shibukawa Azalea Festival Executive Committee


Tenten go Sibu River TEL: 053-545-0452 (10: 00-15: 00)