Hand made fishing lures for a successful fishing experience

Are you tired of the ordinary lures that involves a lot of waiting time but does not give you the catch that you want ?
Try out Bluinghearts’s hand made fishing lures!
They will give you better results and the waiting time will go down by leaps and bounds.
Hand Made Lures Made in Japan
Quality Lures for Better Fishing

Bluing Hearts Sea Falcon manufactures different kinds of hand made lure using unique materials and designs which give effective results. We have been in this business for sometime now and we understand the requirements of the fishermen and the results that they are looking for. Hence we implement advanced technology in the products that we manufacture so that the customers are able to make the best catches without having to wait for excruciatingly long hours. The manufacturing process is carried out at Bluing Hearts Sea Falcon center located in Hamamtsu in Central Japan. All the processes from planning, development and manufacturing are carried out in-house to achieve high quality innovative products that meet the Japanese standards of excellence.

Designed to appeal to fish’s aggression, curiosity and territorial sensitivity

A lot of thinking and research is incorporated by the Bluing Hearts team while coming up with unique ideas for artificial fishing lures. These hand made lure are all designed to look realistic so that the angler are able to make more catches than usual. Some of them are designed in a way that appeals to the fish’s aggression, curiosity and territorial sensitivity.

Lures made without compromises

For us our customer’s satisfaction and convenience is most important. So the mechanics involved in the baits that we develop are very simple and can be used easily by amateurs and seasoned fishermen alike. We never compromise on quality and always aim towards producing defect-less products.

Earth Friendly Products

These lures not only help you fish better but will also allow you to make contribution to the environment since
these products to a large extent control the problem of over-harvesting of natural baits.
Here you will find accessories and baits for both seawater and freshwater requirements. The prices that we charge for
the artificial fishing baits are also pretty reasonable and it will give you good value for your money without burning a hole in your pocket.

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