Restaurant UOARA

“Well-known lakeside restaurant featured frequently on Japanese TV and magazines!”
“People line up to get in during the busy season”
“No.1 popular dish is called “Live Tendon (Iki TENDON)”
“Prawns are picked up from a preserve after ordering. Perfect location next to a fishing port.”
Visitor’s Review

This place offers up some of the freshest seafood around of very good quality.
It’s the ideal place to dine while  ideal place to dine while enjoying a spectacular view of  Lake Hamanako. There is a fish market located beside the harbor just meters from the restaurant’s window that overlooks the waters of Hamanako.  Their large-cut sashimi also attracts customers.
All dishes are awesome, like iki-tendon (tempura rice bawl) , sashimi(raw fish),unagi(eel)or tempura(light batter fried prawns and vegetables.)
There are plenty of tables with chairs or long, low tables on tatami mats to sit Japanese style and enjoy the scenery and service of the very friendly staff.

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Lunch: 11:00-14:00 (LO)
Dinner: 16:30-20:00 (LO)
 11 min walk from JR Bentenjima station