Guest house ASASHIO

“Lakefront guest house with lake view from all rooms. “
“Nice breeze.”
“Excellent for budget travelers.”
Visitor’s Review

The lobby has a warm nostalgic 1970’s feel, complete with a sitting and or smoking area in the corridor. There was a nice cool breeze coming in from the lake when i arrived along with the welcoming sound of a wind-chime. All rooms have a great view of Lake Hamana-ko, with a large tori gate in the distance that appears to be floating on the water. The restaurants’s specialty is fried local oysters(my favorite)as well as raw fish(sashimi).If you want more than just a nice relaxing atmosphere and good lake viewing, there is a private karaoke room you can use for a small fee and a bigger all purpose room available for karaoke or a party for larger groups.

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3,500yen (+tax) without meals (4,500yen for Saturday)
8,000yen~ (+tax) with breakfast and dinner
Pick up
 15 min walk from JR Bentenjima station
By phone or email