Enjoy nature with your kids at Toyoda

This is a tour plan to have fun with your children around Toyoda.


1. Ryuyo Insect Observation Park

Ryuyo Insect Obervation Park, locating in Iwata, displays wide range of insects. It is facility where you can learn about insect.
320 Nakase, Iwata-city

2. Bakery Hana

Buy breads at this bakery to have lunch at a park. Try their original white bread (shoku-pan)!

2900 Toyooka, Iwata-city

3.Ryuyo Marine Park

After you buy breads, visit this park for lunch. As this park is located just by the ocean, you can feel nice sea breeze. There are athletic jims, tennis courts, swimming pool, and many other facility that you can enjoy.

6866-27 Komaba, Iwata-city 0538-66-5580